Memory Packs – Set of 1 to 16 Picture Flash Cards




The picture cards provide a fun and easy way to teach your baby anything and everything. The underlying principle behind using these picture cards is not just for the baby to learn, but to stimulate and create learning & neuro pathways which form the foundation for a lifelong learning.

Picture flash cards are the tools used for Brain Stimulation.

This is the best way to teach anything and everything !!!

The cards are made using high-quality photographs that are large and clear. The picture flash cards are organized into categories, which allows a child to generalize about each category and relate one category to another. The cards are printed with red text behind to make it easy for the parents to say the card aloud when flashing to the child.

More than the material, it is the method used to show these picture flash cards to your child that makes the difference. The method is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect and one that helps in brain stimulation.

Contents: 16 sets of memory packs

Material: High GSM Ultra Thick Premium Colour Printed Cards

size – Height: 14 cms, Width: 20.5 cms

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