Complete Early Stimulation and All-round development Kit




Every parent wishes their child a long, happy, and successful life. According to research, the foundation for this is laid early in life — between the crucial age of 0 and 6 years. During this development phase, their brains and personalities are
flexible — slowly unlocking their potential.

At SuperKids Pareting, we have combined scientifically proven tools with age-old parenting practices to help parents bring out the best in their kids. Our Early Stimulation Kit for children between 0–6 years, has the required tools, proven methods and tested techniques to aid your child’s all-round growth.

Parenting is one of the most challenging, yet most enjoyable adventures of your life. While you set out on this incredible journey, we are here to support you every step of the way!

Our product is used by more than 10000 parents in India and abroad and it has proven to be a success with all the children who have used it. Visit the our press, reviews and gallery to see it all for yourself.

While you pay only a small part, the benefits your child gets is enormous and priceless. We know for sure, that once you buy and use it, your child will be part of our success story.


  1. Set of 8 Memory Pack Picture Cards Set
  2. Language Pack Medium Word Card Set
  3. Language Pack Large Word Card Set
  4. Life Skill Pack Fostering Good Communication Skills in Children and Story Telling
  5. Life Skill Pack Nurturing Creativity in Children
  6. Life Skill Pack Games and Activities for All-round development of Children
  7. Life Skill Pack Teaching your Child Financial Intelligence
  8. Life Skill Pack Music – A natural connection to child’s growth and development
  9. Life Skill Pack Help your Child to Think, Make Choices & Decisions and Solve Problems
  10. Guideline Book Sets – Set of 11 Books

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